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Like everyone, people with hearing loss are exposed to a wide range of different sounds and at different levels. So it’s important to have a hearing aid that helps you hear soft sounds while making sure that loud sounds are not too uncomfortable.

Widex has created the most advanced artificial intelligence technology for hearing aids. This technology can learn how an individual user wants to hear in every moment – and update their sound experience accordingly.
SoundSense Learn is a hearing aid feature that’s based on the deeper AI form, Machine Learning.

This feature calculates the best possible hearing settings in the moment based on input from the user. As SoundSense Learn gets smarter, it continues to get faster at calculating the best sound for each user.

Which hearing aids offer AI?

For your clients to enjoy the benefits of the AI-driven SoundSense Learn feature, their hearing aid must be one that has 2.4 GHz connectivity and can connect to the Widex apps that are developed specifically for these hearing aids. Below you can see which hearing aids offer SoundSense Learn.


This is a beautiful and discreet 2.4 GHz hearing aid that comes with all the hearing benefits of SoundSense Learn Artificial Intelligence technology. To make it more flexible for you to work with, it comes with four receivers and has a wide fitting range.


This is the smallest rechargeable lithium-ion hearing aid on the market. With this hearing aid you can choose between two powerful receivers that cover a wide fitting range. That way you can make your service more personalised – without needing a large variety of stock. The new receiver design conveniently works with all Widex ear tips.


Our first hearing aid to offer SoundSense Learn and 2.4 GHz connectivity! WIDEX EVOKE™ FUSION 2 is a discreet hearing aid. Your clients can choose between a rechargeable solution or use conventional batteries – whichever best matches their needs and lifestyle.

Other hearing aids


Use Compass GPS to establish a video connection and get hearing aid control via WIDEX REMOTE LINK. It’s easy, and it works for our entire range of connected hearing aids.


Because BEYOND Z has the lowest power consumption of any rechargeable hearing aids, users can experience a full day of the most advanced hearing and superior streaming sound quality without ever worrying about running out of power.


You will always be able to provide stable and reliable fitting. Different integrated fall-back options, including optional cable hook-up, help PRO LINK deliver the same clear, dependable and flawless quality you know from Widex hearing aids and software.


Widex is a leader in tinnitus management. Our tinnitus solution ZEN is available in most Widex hearing aids. It helps relieve your tinnitus by playing random, soothing harmonic tones – almost like a spa for your ears.


With the WIDEX BEYOND™ hearing aid, wearers finally have a device that provides exceptional 2.4 GHz direct connectivity and leading-edge sound. With a customisable app allowing full streaming functionality and control over their listening environment, hearing aid wearers are seamlessly connected anywhere and anytime.

EASYWEAR Wired RIC and Thin Tubes

EASYWEAR Wired RIC and Thin Tubes provide the perfect fit when used with our latest hearing aid family, WIDEX EVOKE™ The EASYWEAR Wired RIC and Thin Tubes are a cosmetically attractive solution.


Patients with single side deafness are unique. CROS gives you the opportunity to attract clients you may not normally focus on. This enables you to get a wider customer reach and improved upselling opportunities.


The Widex pediatric portfolio provides hearing aids for all children with varying degrees of hearing loss and right across the board. Get in touch with us and let us help you uncover what our pediatric portfolio can do for you and your clients.


WIDEX DREAM lets your clients enjoy rich and detailed sound quality even in noisy environments, while increasing the battery life by up to 20 percent.

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