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For over 20 years, Sonic technology has brought the magic of everyday sounds and conversations to people with hearing loss. Everything we do is designed to enhance the human experience by clarifying sound, separating speech from noise, suppressing distractions, and making better connections to the natural and digital worlds. The next step on your journey to better hearing is talking to a Hearing Care Professional.

Explore our hearing aid styles, technology levels, and accessories. Then talk to a Hearing Care Professional about a solution that’s right for you. Our products continuously advance over time and are categorized into 5 technology levels from 100 to 20. With higher technology levels, additional features and settings are available to enhance your listening experience and fit your lifestyle. The information below can help you and your Hearing Care Provider narrow your choice of which Sonic products are ideal for your needs.

SoundDNA Platform

Products on the Sonic SoundDNA platform are optimized so you can hear more speech and the sounds of life.

Less feedback and noise that get in the way. Wireless connections that are fast and more direct. It features a suite of advanced smart technologies that work together automatically to make Everyday Sounds Better.

SVP Platform

Sonic continues to offer our most popular products from the Speech Variable Processing platform.

They provide excellent sound quality along with options like wireless connectivity, and are effective for a variety of hearing needs.

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