German ingenuity and innovation

Siemens stands for German ingenuity and innovation. For over 130 years, Siemens Audiology Solutions has been developing hearing instruments that are technically state-of-the-art so that one can offer customers the right hearing solution. In Siemens, one will have a wide choice between many different models and performance levels from the almost invisible CIC hearing instrument to the powerful BTE system. Some of its recent innovations are listed below:


The ultra-tiny, ultra-comfortable Insio is a discreet solution with the latest BINAX & MICON technology, optimised to fit the specific characteristics of custom hearing instruments.


Motion is a behind the ear hearing aid with the latest BINAX and MICON technology that is ideal for individuals with an active lifestyle: fully featured, hassle- free and reliable. With a stylish design, Motion comes in various sizes and models and covers almost all degrees of hearing loss.


Pure & Pure Carat are hearing solutions for those looking for a very discreet and powerful hearing instrument. Thanks to their small size, they are less visible and totally unobtrusive. Inside, they are packed with a host of innovations from Siemens BINAX and MICON technology to bring you the ultimate in sound quality and hearing comfort.


The next step to clearer, sharper hearing is to make an appointment for a hearing test. Simply call your nearest store, and our friendly staff will arrange a convenient time for you to visit. You will only ever be seen by a qualified hearing aid dispenser who will carry out a thorough and comprehensive test.

We can also arrange to visit you at home if you prefer. Buying digital hearing aids from Sonic Hearing Centers is totally risk-free. Our hearing aids come in a complete package including a two-year warranty, and aid enhancements such as directional microphones and telecoil/auto telephone. Your hearing aid can be connected to your mobile, TV, MP3 Devices via Bluetooth. So complete peace of mind is assured.

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