The Best Hearing Aids along with extensive Hearing Care

Dhwani Hearing Aid Center offers a free Hearing Check-up

Different types of hearing aids

  • Behind The Ear hearing aids
  • Receiver In the Canal hearing aids
  • In The Canal hearing aids
  • Completely in the canal hearing aids
  • Invisible in the canal hearing aids
  • Analogue hearing aids
  • Hearing aids with tinnitus maskers
  • Rechargeable hearing aids world’s most advanced hearing aid based on Artificial Intelligence(AI) & Android Connectivity

Brands of hearing aids


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    What We Offer

    Professional And Friendly Service
    Our hallmark is friendly personalised professional care in a welcoming environment.

    Latest Diagnostic Equipment
    We provide a holistic diagnostic procedure by using the state of the art diagnostic technology.

    Best Practice Processes
    We follow international procedures and processes in our hearing testing and hearing aid fitting.

    All types of Hearing Aids
    Our partnership with global manufacturers helps to provide you with the latest innovations in hearing aid technology.

    The Best Hearing Aid Fitting
    We use the best and latest equipment to make sure that your hearing aids cause no discomfort.

    All round Care
    Fitting your hearing aid is just the start of your journey to better hearing, we are there with you on every step.

    Plan your visit to our Clinic

    We provide a comprehensive Hearing test so that we can understand what hearing impairment ails you. From tinnitus to sensorineural hearing loss we have treatment plans for all.

    We have the best of all types of hearing aids from global manufacturers and we make sure you get the right fit.

    We undertake hearing aid services and also sell all kinds of hearing aid batteries at the clinic. Our partnerships with leading manufacturers ensure the best service in Kerala.

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